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We want you to be happy, and that’s why you can design with color, patterns, logo and hi-res images, suit yourself at no extra expense.

How To Order

You choose your style. Pick your packaging based on quality, presentation, durability, and product protection.

Select Your Size

Built to fit! You can choose the stock or custom size to give your product the matured and perfect fit.

Mix In Your Designs

Make it your own! By adding your logo, colors, patterns, and graphics you have made it yours, and you can now stand high being different from the crowd.

Pick A Quantity

These are packages you wouldn’t want to do without, so pick a number that suffices you. Get an instant quote! You are now ready to order! All you have to do is pick the number of custom cardboard boxes you need, and we can send you pricing in real-time.


We are believers in the power of branding. The right design makes all the difference in your ads, sales and branding crusade.


Our packaging gives you the platform to grow your business by interacting with your customers and solidifying a brand awareness

 Choose Your Style


EZ Shipper

EZ Shipper are made by strong corrugated cardboard for shipping for distance with large and heavy items, every sides of box are fully customizable.


 Fold & Mail

Stylish, light weight and durable Fold & Mail provide safe transportation for your retail or personal gift box, subscription box, on-line shop packaging. It fully customizable in any size and color.



we offer all kinds of corrugated boxes with fully customizable logo and design, get your unique boxes done by our professionals at EZbox we will find you the right material to suit your needs!