Looking for how to pick the appropriate shipping method and to know exactly how your order will be delivered? Find out here!

What shipping method?

Our deliveries are made using different Hong Kong van delivery services such as GoGoVan, Lalamove et cetera, while for orders larger than a pallet, truck delivery is employed.


We determine the availability of freight options which ensure your orders are delivered faster than standard delivery.

How will my boxes get to me?

Truck deliveries for your large orders will arrive at your curbside except in cases where an alternative has been booked with us before-hand.


All items are shipped in stretch wrapping for protection, andwe also make sure they are shipped flat for access to the safest transits and cheapest shipping rates.

Can you split an order and ship to different destinations?

Presently, we are not able to split one order into different destinations, butwe are working on that. For now, kindly place the orders separately if you want them delivered to different destinations.

Can you combine my orders for shipping?

Combined shipping is only certain on the condition that the size and quantity of the combined orders do not exceed the minimum for the delivery service provider.


Combined shipping orders cannot be delivered urgently due to the difference in production times and lines. To make an inquiry about combined orders, kindly contact us


How to get the best results for your artwork, including information on color, layout, and more!

How should I set up a design for digital printing onto corrugated material?

For text:

  • Ensure your font size is 10pts or above to get high-quality results.
  • Select the more legible and bold fonts to avoid the disappearance of texts during the printing process.
  • For white fonts on dark backgrounds, it is important for you to embolden the font.


For line art:

  • The thickness of your line art should be a minimum of 3pts for best-printed results


In cases where you doubt the outcome of your design being perfect, you can simply contact us before making your order so we can give our advice on possible issues.

Can you print inside the box?

By simply telling us how and where you want the printing to be, we will be able to set up your artwork. The next step will be for you to send us your design files and instructions in “order” ensuring that all artwork files are titled accordingly. With this, we can deliver excellent prints and artwork on your boxes!

Does EZbox offer colourmatching?

All of our printing is done using CMYK inks which automatically changes images which are sent in RGB to CMYK. We do not offer colour matching, but you can rest assured that the final appearance of colour aqon your printed box will leave you highly satisfied.

Are the dimensions for inside the box or outside the box?

The dimensions we give are specifically outside measurements stated as Length × Width × Height. To find the perfect size, you should note that length is measured side-to-side, width is measured front to back, andthe height is measured from top to bottom.


It is advisable to add a minimum of 2.5 inches to your product dimensions toprovide room and ease for packaging.

Are the dimensions I pick precisely what I will receive?

In most cases, the dimensions you pick might not be the precise size you will receive, this is due to the effects of manufacturing of any corrugated items on their size, if at all there would be a slight change, it cannot be more +-.125. We advise that you make allowance for this possibility which making choices of your size

How should I set up barcodes/UPCs for print?

While we are currently unequipped to provide barcode verification on our box styles, we guarantee that barcodes which are digitally printed can be scanned. So far, our clients have always given a satisfactory response as regards the print results on their finished boxes. Using the guidelines listed below, you are sure to end up really pleased with your printed results:

  • UPC-A type barcodes need to be at least approx 2.3” wide and at least .6” tall to scan properly.
  • Barcodes should be built as 100% Black only, to provide the best scannability.
  • Barcodes should be provided as vector filesor high resolution (300ppi at the intended print size) raster files in order to provide the best possible print quality.


How long do things take? How can the timing for your needs be optimized?

What is the turn around time on my order?

At the moment, it takes about 3-4 business days for orders between 1-2,000 units while the expedited turn around is 2 business days. Orders of higher quantity (2000 units and above) will need a few extra days to be set up and produced. These turn arounds exclude transit time.


All our ship dates and delivery dates are estimated due to the complexity of custom manufacturing.

Placing an Order

Understanding how things work and what to expect when you place an order with us

Will I see the proof for my order? How do I know if my art is printable?

We will let you know if an image is a low resolution! The proof of your order is sent to the email address entered upon check out, this is applicable for all new orders. If for any reason you do not receive your proof at least two days after placing your order, kindly contact us, and we will get it fixed.

How do I change something on the order I just placed?

All changes must occur before you approve the proof for your order! Simply send us an email, and we will see to it.


Some changes are quick and easy, and can be made after your proof has been received:

  • Replace an artwork file
  • Add or remove text
  • Change a background colour
  • Change shipping address \ method


Other changes may require us to cancel the order and have you resubmit it:

  • Change dimensions \ sizes
  • Change box style
  • Add or take away printing on the inside of the box
  • Change the order quantity
  • Change the material on which the box will be printed


All changes can be made to your order at your request on the condition that the proof for your order has not been made. Please ensure you send us an email as quickly as possible


Once your proof has been approved, your order moves into Production so no further changes or cancellations can be made.

How do I cancel the order I just placed?

As long as you have not approved the proof of your order yet, you can send us an email, andwe will cancel your order. In cases where the proof of the order has been approved, we cannot attend to any request of cancellation.

How do I order more than one design?

Since each box has different production and proofing times, we advise that all designs are checked out separately.

Custom Order Quotes

We are happy to provide quotes for custom orders!  Some things that fall into this category are typical:

  • More than 2000 units of any box
  • Flexographic printing
  • Off-set printing
  • Unusual requests or special dieline and material

You can send us an email just to order your custom quotes.

What is your minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity that can be ordered of our different box styles is 1 which makes it very easy for you to run a test on your design before going ahead to print the entire batch.

Box Types and Materials

Can I get a sample box?

You can receive our sample boxes at no cost at all! All you need to pay for is shipping. Make sure you send us a request by email with your name and delivery address,you will receive a pre-printed sample just as requested.

What's the difference between Kraft, Standard White, and EZ coat?

The similarity between Kraft and Standard White is that they are both matte while the former is brown and the latter is white. EZ coat, on the other hand, produces a lovely satin sheen on the printed areas and is white on the inside and out just like the Standard white. To have samples of this material, just contact us, andwe will get them across to you.

Are there print-quality differences between Kraft corrugated and white corrugated board?

While Kraft is an excellent choice for printing dark and bold colours, white corrugated boards are a perfect choice for stellar print quality with all colours, specifically the light colours.

Can I order a box type other than mailers, shippers, and folding cartons?

Innovation is one of the things that delight us so you can be sure that if you request a different style of the boxfrom the usual, we willtry as much as we can to help you get it.

How thick and heavy will my boxes be? What do they weigh?

his largely depends on the dimensions and style of your box.


Our default board stock for each style is as follows:

Shipping Box: B-Flute corrugate 32 ECT – ⅛ inch thickness, rated to hold up to 30lbs in transit

Mailer Box: E-Flute corrugate 32 ECT – 1⁄16 inch thickness, rated to hold up to 10lbs in transit


We also offer other flutes corrugate by custom order, please feel free to ask us!

Is your corrugated box single or double wall?

The default production of our boxes allows for single wall boards. We can deliver with double or triple, butit has to be requested by you.

Do you use sustainable, recycled materials?

We prioritize sustainability, and that is why the materials used for our products are sure to stand the test of time. All our corrugated products contain a majority of recycled materials.