Tips to Start Building Your Brand Community

Tips to Start Building Your Brand Community


You may have heard the idea of building a “brand community” recently. Although this idea may seem new, it has been around for a while—only becoming more and more popular in recent years. As competition continues to grow at an alarming rate, and various online stores continue to cut prices, the brand community has become a sustainable alternative to paid advertising.
When you focus on building your brand community, you can generate more repeat customers. These returnees are more likely to complete the purchase and share your store with friends. Now let’s learn how to build a brand community.


It’s not hard to build a community.

In fact, it only takes four steps: joining, engaging, sharing and package design




The first phase of community building focuses on making customers part of your brand community. They do this by creating accounts in your store. This shows their commitment to your brand and lays the foundation for your emotional relationship with them. Anyone who joins your community may become a customer after a while, so fans who are not yet buyers are good for your brand.




When customers become members of your community, you need to motivate them to interact with your brand! When customers become members of your community, you need to motivate them to interact with your brand! Encouraging members to complete various actions, such as buying, leaving product reviews or participating in social media, is an excellent way to invest in building relationships with customers.




A growing brand community makes the third and final stage the most important.
When you start to focus on your community and reduce your dependence on paid advertising, encouraging existing members to share your brand with others is the key to raising community awareness without exceeding your budget. Customers are more likely to trust their friends’ recommendations than any other source, so word-of-mouth recommendations are the most effective way to get new members.
Low-costs and wide awareness are vital to sharing communities. Recommendations of others will greatly encourage new members to join your community.


Package design


Packaging design Hong Kong are a new marketing tool that adds visual appeal to your products. Hence, whether you are shipping to clients or something to sell on internet,  provide a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes to help you brand each product that goes out of your door.


Although you can apply these three stages to your brand in many ways, rewards are certainly the most effective way. They not only allow you to motivate valuable actions at every stage of the community building process, but they also transform participation into opportunities for rewards.


1. Provide exclusive content


One of the best ways to attract customers’ attention is value-added marketing. Value-added marketing focuses on exceeding customer expectations and providing services beyond their requirements. This makes it a perfect tool for separating your brand from competitors and integrating brand information into customer lifestyle. This method can take many forms, including video clips and tutorials.


2. VIP


For customers, there are few things more exciting than the opportunity to become a VIP. This is why the world’s most famous brands have dominated the customer experience for years.
The VIP level introduces an interesting gameplay and re-engagement element for customers. For example, as customers change from ordinary customers to selected customers, they receive unique points and other bonuses. This not only improves the experience of each purchase but is also a very easy-to-understand system. This establishes long-term customer support, engages customers, and helps to build out the brand community.


3. Community Interaction Awards


Social media is a very effective way to engage your customers in your brand community. Not only that, but it’s also a powerful and useful tool for expanding your community without investing more resources into paid advertising or acquisition marketing.
Community interaction should be a key component even when it is uncertain how community members will respond. Some members actually participate every day—that’s a behavior they’re unlikely to do in the B2B arena.
This demonstrates the effectiveness of community interaction and building strong brand communities. By taking advantage of the behavior that customers have integrated into their daily lives, we can use social rewards to quickly and effectively deepen relationships.


4. Recommendation Scheme Awards


Many customers actually want to share their experiences with others.
Including recommendations as part of brand socialization is a simple decision. With so many customers excited about the idea, their recommendation rate has increased rapidly. Current customers are more likely than ever to invite new customers to join their communities, especially to receive valuable rewards.
Through a variety of different ways of sharing, customers can easily recommend their friends. In addition, the generous returns provided to both old and new customers quickly create value for both sides and make it easier for your brand to continue to develop.

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