Are you interested in adding an element of surprise to your packaging?

EZbox offers a specialized packaging design service that helps brands to create a show shopping experience for their customers through custom designed boxes. With special design and packaging techniques, you can ensure that your beautifully branded product wows your customers.

EZbox believes in exclusive customer experience, and that’s why we have committed to creating fast custom packaging design in Hong Kong for all businesses. Our custom designed boxes serve your brand and delight your customers. We produce premium quality packaging boxes; your packaging is manufactured from our certified facilities operated by experts.

 Choose Your Style for Package Design


EZ Shipper

EZShipper is made by strong corrugated cardboard for shipping for distance with large and heavy items, the package design of every side of the box are fully customizable.


 Fold & Mail

Stylish, light weight and durable Fold & Mail provide safe transportation for your retail or personal gift box, subscription box, on-line shop packaging. The package design is fully customizable in any size and color.



We offer all kinds of corrugated boxes with fully customizable logo and and package design in HK, get your unique boxes done by our professionals at EZbox we will find you the right material to suit your needs!

Here’s why you need Custom Designed Boxes

Custom designed boxes are a new marketing tool that adds visual appeal to your packaging. This presumed inconsequential gesture goes a long way at building a strong relationship with your customers.

Hence, whether you are shipping to clients or something to sell on internet, we will provide a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes to help you brand each box with a packaging design that goes out of your door.






Corrugated Boxes

Did you know that part of our foundation is converting and printing custom corrugated boxes?

Unlike the big retailers who prioritize on mass orders, we can print 1 or 6,000 corrugated boxes at fair and competitive prices.

We want to Help you improve your brand Image.

With a box for every customer, EZbox brings you alternatives to reach your audience in a way that improves your brand image. With us, you have a way to present your brand and tell your story to your customers before they open your package. Our aim is to help you personalized your packaging as it sets you apart from others and shows that you pay utmost attention to details.

Why Choose EZbox for Packaging Design?

Top Quality Service from Our Experts

With EZbox, you would get one-on-one service from experts that speak design and packaging. Our experts work with you from the moment you decide to speak to us and recommend customized solutions catered to your project. Our work ethics are built around the fact that our customers’ success is our success.

Unlimited Packaging Capabilities

With us, you have the freedom of packaging options; you can explore the boundaries of structure and design varieties that we offer. Our robust product options enable you to compete in the marketplace with superior packaging that gives your product a unique feel and connects it with your customers.

We Handle All Projects

No matter the size of your project, you can be assured that we have got you covered. Our proven process of producing custom designed boxes enables us to work with businesses both large and small to design and produce packages that impress their customers.

Stringent Quality Control

At EZbox, we are committed to giving our clients the best quality by continually improving our products quality. All our orders are subjected to stringent quality control process to ensure your packaging is received without any defect.

Small minimum orders : buy only what you require from only one box!

Immediately quotes : pick the style you want design your own boxes, and get our instant quote!

Create Your Customized Packaging Boxes With Us

It’s time to talk to us.

You have read about how important a custom package design in Hong Kong is to your business and how we can help you win more customers through our creative packaging solutions.

Now it’s time to talk to us. We want you to reach out to us through our contact details to discuss how we can help you reach your business objectives through custom designed packaging.